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Social Stories Made Easy (by

social stories Social Stories Made Easy
Developed with financial support from The Autism Foundation & The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools

- Create a library of printable Social Stories, Value Exercises, and other visual supports. Unlimited and fully customized for any situation.
- Improve Communication. Triple Stories can help stimulate different forms of communication and improve social skills, language, and imagination.
- Who is it for? Trusted by thousands, Triple Stories has become a valuable resource for teachers, special educators, therapists, and parents across the world.
- Knowledge Base. With tons of examples and instructions, the knowledge base in Triple Stories works as a guide that can help any caregiver create more effective visual materials.

Triple Stories is a computer program that can help improve communication, language, social skills, and more. It allows parents and professionals to quickly create visual supports and effectively help increase their use of visual strategies.


example social stories
Social Stories
Social Stories is an educational tool that can be used to clarify and interpret social situations. The stories become a customized “instruction manual”.

Preparing Ahead
Preparing Ahead Visualizing a situation before actually experiencing it brings a sense of security and helps reduce unwanted stress and anxiety.

Facial Expressions
Facial Expressions Create materials that practice an individuals understanding of facial expressions, gestures, and body language.