sabato 1 maggio 2010

Carol Gray Seminar, Kettering (England) June 7th-8th 2010

Carol Gray Social Stories 10.1 and Comic Strip Conversations Carol Gray makes a rare appearance in the United Kingdom with the first workshop on Social Stories 10.1 (the revised, updated, and expanded version of Social Stories 10.0) June 7th-8th 2010
Two – Day Seminar/Workshop led by Carol Gray, President, The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding.
This hands-on two-day workshop uses lecture, demonstration, discussion, activities and practice of new skills to teach the elements of the social understanding interventions developed by Carol Gray.
Most notably, participants will be the first to be trained in Social Stories 10.1, the first major revision of (the previous) Social Stories 10.0. The Social Storiesä 10.1 training has many new features, including a more detailed rationale, discussion of Social Storyä research and evidence-based practice, the introduction of Story templates, the positive past tense, Sentences that Coach, and anexpanded emphasis on gathering information for a Social Storyä, Story format, and emotional and social safety.
New insights into Comic Strip Conversations, the cousin approach of Social Storiesä, will also be shared along with a variety of new ideas to model, foster and support social learning. By the close of this exciting, fun, and fast paced workshop, participants will leave with an updated and more detailed understanding of Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations, new ideas to model and teach social understanding concepts and skills at home and school, and a wealth of practical new ideas. Concepts and skills will be applicable for students ages 2-Adult.

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